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Hip Hop & R&B
 Dominate Records
  Place of Birth
Baton Rouge, LA

    Born Alex Dent, known as Alex, is a Rapper/Recording Artist. Alex grew up in The Field AKA Third World known as a high crime, drug infested community. His passion for music was developed as a youth, where he would sing the songs successful Artist. He was first recognized for musical talent by his Music Teacher at Brownfields Magnet Elementary, as Alex Performed in a school program. He was then recommended to attend Glasgow Middle a school for Gifted and Talented, his focus would be music, singing.  However, he did not cooperate with the staff for our decision at the school by only singing two versus Alex did not want to attend a talented school; he wanted to go to school in the Hood. 
He would attend Crestworth Middle School, as he begins to hang in the streets, running the streets with older guys living that life. Street pharmaceuticals were the first opportunity presented to him by older friends to make his own money and would be example fast money. However, he begins to see friends go to prison, or fall victim to the streets, losing some of his closest friends to murder. This was indeed a reality check, determined to stop working in the streets, get a career, work hard and remain focused to invest in his music.  He decided to change his path in life. 
He begin to see how real it is, he started to focus on his solo career as a Rap Artist. 
He works hard to invest in his career as an Artist. Music Entertainment is an ecstatic motivation, and prosperity.   He is expanding his career as an Artist with hopes to reach the world as he's building a foundation. While bringing unity where there is division in music he endeavors to impact Music Industry, to make a difference on the perception of hip-hop music. A vision of making the music people will love, pursuing goals set to distribute music across the country. 
And to get the ball rolling he has available for digital release His Mix tape Album title 6 Months Or Less. Also featured on the cover of a newly released mix tape titled: Who You Look Up To? Just to mention a few of Alex's accomplishments his videos have aired on television, Greg Dukes Videos: Designer as well as Grindin’ Season. Alex had the opportunity to have music played on the radio station WTQT radio station 94.9 of which is now 106.1 FM In Baton Rouge, LA the  song is titled Believer. He's up next, to show the world and the music industry just how hard he's working to make It. No Derivatives:  This Artist is efficient; when you’re referring to his music, as he keeps it real he's in the studios recording his music new music, copywriting materials, purchasing beats in and round the Baton Rouge area.

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