Thursday, March 5, 2020

[NEW MUSIC] J-Nasty - Love Birds (@nastytowns & @mixking155)

Artist : J-Nasty
Song Title : Love Birds

Download link :

Instagram: @nastydahitmaker & @legendarydjrong

Soundcloud: j-nasty18
YouTube: jnasty181 & j-nasty towns
Twitter: @nastytowns & @mixking155

Movement: SHSC (Stop Hatin Start Creatin)
Label: Start Creatin Records

BIO: My name is J'Quan Towns 25yrs old a.k.a J-Nasty which is my artist name. I grew up in Waterbury CT taken from my mom at the age of 8 and was placed in the system D.C.F. I've been doing music since 2007 so it's been 11yrs, music I talk about is life experiences like growing up in D.C.F and things that everyone can relate to, music is very therapeutic to me. I constructed 5 different original albums and managed to release my 1st album Broken Chains back in 2012 which the project is based off my struggles, trials an tripulations in my pass life. Things that I have accomplished in this music businesses I was able to work with Legdendary Dj Ron G, Dj Young Cee, Hitman Holla, Cassidy, Dj Hawk, Kid Fresh, and still going. People I've meet was Grand Master Caz, Dj Meechi, Dj Buck, Dj Billy Busch, Jennyboomboon, Dj GMONEY Da Prince, Dj Biggmann, and Dj Santo and still counting. Things to expect from me is to look out for a few solo projects by me an a 2nd album, the movement I have is called S.H.S.C (Stop Hatin Start Creatin) so get ready to hear a brand new sound an new music released from S.H.S.C Movement.