Chandra “Goldilocz” Wilkerson born August 18, 1977 has been a true fan of hip hop since the early 90’s. She started out as a neighborhood female rapper a long with her cousin, through that she developed a deeper understanding and passion for the music. As time progressed and life changed rapping was not enough, there was another calling. In late 2007 she was introduced to Dipset’s President Freekey Zekey which opened up new doors for her to continue working in the hip hop game. She manages rap artist Preme and Killa Watts a two man duo (VA’s 730 Dips) out of Virginia, assisting with a singer and song writer named Marcus Dupree in Tampa FL, and many other up and coming artist associated with Dipset (730 dips, UN, Byrdgang and Skullgang. While on the other hand assisting Freekey Zekey’s manager (s) and serving as 730 Dips “secretary of defense”. She started out doing promotion for Freekey Zekey, Jim Jones, Cam’ron and Juelz Santana through promotion of Dipset Artist she started a promotion company “Goldilocz Promotions” which has taking off in a very big and positive way. She believes in making a way for indie and other artist to be heard and in an affordable way. Another major project that she is helping to form is Preme’s (730 Dips Artist) label Dojoflos it consist of a female singer and about four male solo artists. Together they make powerful team. Her main goals are to shine light on independent artist and help them to gain recognition in the rap game. Her goal is not only to help rappers to reach the masses but to help out all art forms models, actors/ actresses, dj’s, promoters etc. as time goes on she is creating her own empire in the rap game. Also being in touch with the more spiritual part of her life she has also started the GOLDILOCZ PROMOTIONS GOSPEL chapter of her business paying tribute to Her Lord and savior... So be on the lookout for Goldilocz Promotions…

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