Tuesday, March 22, 2016

"VODKILA"- Is The Newest Alcohol Drink to Hit The Market @vodkiladjs @Vodkila @mixking155

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Vodkila is the newest alcohol drink to hit the market that is 100% natural with no artificial flavor. It is the world's first premium vodka and tequila mix infused into one. 

Vodkila is the brainchild of a few young professionals from NYC, who had a passion to create their own perfectly ready-mixed drinks. At the time, they were unable to find the proper blend in mixers, cocktails, and pre-mixed drinks readily available on the market. What they set out to create became much more than just a new formula. It spawned the opportunity to introduce an entire new category to the spirits industry and the world, called the HYBRIDS. The mixture of two premiums at this point of time was rare.

Since 2004, AGM began creating their own blend of distilled mixed vodka with citrus fruit and just enough tequila to formulate its extraordinary taste. Over the next of few months of tastings, testing, research, and development for this masterful formula, the remarkable drink adopted the name “ONE NIGHT STAND” for its dare to be so good until it's gone feeling when one indulges in the unique taste. The blend became an eccentric new beverage enjoyed by an energetic influential generation of tastemakers. 

As word spread about this new spirit throughout the streets, popular nightclubs, and cocktail lounges all throughout the major cities, with countless hours of self-promotion and distribution from AGM, this product became a hit. Purely unsatisfied with not being able to get proper registrations, trademarks, or copyrights for the name "ONE NIGHT STAND", the name that helped give the drink its popularity was fizzled out over time and adapted the name of the two highly sort after spirits together, VODKILA (VODKA ‐ TEQUILA). To the present day, it has still maintained its exclusive blend.

VODKILA is 100% imported blue agave tequila from Mexico, blended with 100% natural corn vodka (USA), 8x Distilled, 100% all natural fruit flavors, 70/80 proofs.

‎Please drink responsibly..

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