Sunday, July 13, 2014

[New Music] Raw - Slow Down (Video/ Mp3) IG: @rawtherapper Twitter: @raw2official @MIXKING155 #boston

"Slow Down"

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 is an anomaly. You wont find to many urban enteratiners that are self taught on the piano, a producer, an engineer, a songwriter and rapper all in one. RAW is known and respected for his razor sharp flow and mind blowing beats from L.A. to Atlanta, New York, Houston, New England, Chicago, all the way to Europe.

Born and raised in the streets of Roxbury, Massachusetts, RAW always had a love for music - all music. The genre he was most attracted to was Hip-hop. He looked up to artist such as Big Daddy Kane, Eric B & Rakim, L.L Cool J, E.P.M.D, Run DMC, Slick Rick and many more. RAW wrote his first rhyme at the age of nine. By the age of 18, RAW decided to book studio time and take his love for Hip-hop more seriously. While educating himself more about the business, RAW developed a skill of making accompanying beats.

RAW has collaborated with Serv-On from No Limit Soldiers.
He has produced mixed cds for Lil Flip as well as appearing on them. Which featured Bun B, Zero of Rap Alot, Lil Troy, D-Red, Big Hawk, Thugg Dirt and the Screwed Up Click.

In 2005, RAW linked up with a international star From Portugal by the name of Sandro G. Sandro G introduced Raw to Portugal, which created a massive buzz and one of Raw's older singles to become No.1 on the radio stations for 12 weeks.

In 2012, RAW has been finishing up his new album debut titled "This Iz What I do". With a hit single and video titled "Come On", that has generated a buzz on 95.5 in Tampa Florida as well as Hot 93.7 in Connecticut. RAW's new album features collaborations with Rampage from Flip Mode Squad, Legendary Dj Ron G, Shea Rose, And many more.

While still in the process of completing his album, RAW is starring in a up and coming movie titled "Blood Line".

RAW now co-owns an independent label (Bricklayer Records) where he has more than seven different artists. From Hip Hop, R&B, reggae to pop. With more than 450 different songs including 105 of his own, RAW still strives for perfection, spending countless hours in the studio creating, mixing and engineering his own material. RAW has paid his dues and is now ready for the next step from preperation to presentation. Showing the world his dedication and infinite ability to become the next legacy of hip hop!

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