Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Every Tuesday is TNT Tuesday on Mixbully.com The first show of the night is Spinnoff Tuesday. LOG ON TO Mixbully.com at 7pm!!! Join us for some of Long Islands Best Underground Hip Hop, Hit or Miss Song Battle, Question of the day and interviews with Hip Hop Artists from LI to NYC!! Make sure you click the link at 7pm tonight.

Spinnoff Tuesday hosts are  Lady V, Negrito, Nymrod and DJ Faceoff

Our guests for the night will be:

Miguelly Bones Vincent (Wyandanch, NY)

Sound Castle Music Group (Reepah Rell)

Redlight FullyLoaded (Emce Relic)

At 8:30pm we will start the Hit or Miss so LOG IN and VOTE!!!!
HIT OR MISS for the night are:

Kiko (Kik Kik Krackz) "Movie Life" vs. Mvrigold "Magician"

Ant Graham (Ant Biggams) “Fire Flame” vs Rutger Ruckus "Move On"

Check us out at 7pm on www.mixbully.com/Pages/default.aspx

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