Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Freekey Zekey-- Talks New Movie With Cam’ron, Queen Latifah -- XXL Mag @freekey730

If you saw the latest episode of VH1’s Love & Hip-Hop last night (January 17), then you peeped a brief appearance by Cam’ron during which he announced he had just worked on a film titledPercentages with the Flavor Unit’s Queen Latifah and Shakim Compere. Well, during a recent visit to the XXL offices with Jim Jones’ mother, Nancy (also a co-star on the VH1 reality show), fellow Diplomat Freekey Zeekey elaborated on the project. Not only do he and Cam have roles in the film, they also put up money for some of the funding.

“New alias now is ‘Freekey Scorsese’ mean! ‘And cut,’” Zeek said excitedly of the film. “Right now [Cam] is ‘Killa Tarrantino.’ Its cool man, everything is beautiful. We love the music. That’s where our heart, mind and soul is at. But our souls can fly. Right now it’s in the director’s seat. It’s a beautiful thing. Rap is more so ‘why this DJ ain’t playing my joint?… Kill these niggas.’ When you’re on the movie set, they’re like ‘hi sir. Do you want anything? Do you need anything? Would you like for me to sit here so if you need anything, you’ll have someone available?’ That’s what it will be.”

Freekey also said that the Diplomat’s alliance with the Flavor Unit went so well that the parties involved started calling themselves the “K.F.U.” which stands for “Killa Flavor Unit.” He also shared that Cam and Shakim actually started talking about doing a film together sometime in 2010.

“This was been supposed to happen,” Freekey revealed. “Cam was dragging his feet. I don’t know what he was doing.”

In reality, Cam was focusing on music and building his new crew of artists, The U.N., which features Harlem rapper Vado. Freeky says “a year and an hour later” Cam and Shakim restarted their discussion and six months after that, they started filming in Miami; the movie was shot around the Fall of 2011.

According to Freekey, the plot of the flick revolves around drug Kingpins whose deal goes wrong when they become entangled with some Russian traffickers. Cam’ron stars alongside Ving Rhames, Omar Gooding Jr., comedian Donnell Rawlings and actresses K.D. Aubert and Malinda Williams.

“Shakim said, ‘we need Cam’ron. We don’t need Killa,’” Freekey said with a laugh. Cam however, stepped up to the plate with a homerun swing and received kudos from the Queen.

“He was doing so good, Latifah called in the middle of his shots saying, ‘I appreciate everything you’re doing. You’re doing an exceptional job. You’re actually out-acting some of these actors,’” he says.

As for his part, aside from helping with the financing, Freekey says he makes a cameo (“I’m holding down Harlem while they hold down Miami,” he says). Freekey says the main plan is to get “Percentages” to theaters sometime this year. —Shaheem Reid

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