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Durham, NC Rap Duo 
Minnie Mag (Willie J.) & Monnie Pro (Dic Nixon)

As far as the state of North Carolina is concerned, when the word “President” is mentioned they may no longer only think about the President of the United States. In fact, it’s not just one other person they’ll think about, and they aren’t any mirrors involved. 
“Partners-in-rhyme”, The Presidents are a twin brother rap group. Damon J. Banks, who goes by Willie J. Clinton, and Daimeon S. Banks, who goes by Dic Nixon, were born and raised in Durham, North Carolina and introduced to Hot Bloc Records after college. 
Their past performances, along with others on Hot Bloc, include highly admired openings the past decade from State Property, Big Daddy Kane, Joe Buddens, Petey Pablo and most recently Camp Lo. 
Sept- Nov, 2010: Currently on high demand is their newest mixtape “Best Duo, Best Flow” hosted by the legendary Kid Capri. Since its download premiere online in Sept it has been one the most impressive mixtapes floating through the Underground. 
The 29 track project contains some of the most notarized beats from the early times Hip Hop made impact up until current mainstream and is combined with the story-telling, lyrical and heavy hitting delivery often tagged teamed by the pair. 
December, 2010: The Presidents are currently accepting bookings and features. The “Best Duo, Best Flow” Mixtape is still available for download and is still catching eyes in the industry not only for the legendary Kid Capri’s hosting but for the originality these two guys bring to the table. 
The North Carolina Music scene has only seen the half of it. Stay tuned for more appearances, more heavy online marketing including web magazine features and interviews. For booking info, use contact info above.

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