Friday, April 8, 2016

[New Music] Marcus Dupree- "Wake' em Up" Produced By Jose "Diamond" Figueroa

available for download only

Official Video Coming Soon!!!! Available on iTunes, Spotify, CD Baby and Evey Other Digital Distribution Platform Worldwide! PLEASE LIKE, SHARE!!!!!#DONSTATUS

First and Foremost all Glory to GOD! My name is Marcus Dupree. Iam a /CEO/Singer/Songwriter from Troy, Ohio. I began writing at the age of 12. My music is inspired by GOD and real life experiences. 
I was given the gift to express my innermost feelings and thoughts through lyrics and song in order to change peoples lives for the better. Everyone can't relate to having money, cars, mansions, Ect. but we all can relate to feeling pain. My songs are made for any and everyone who has ever needed something more out of life and chose to go after it relentlessly without giving up against all odds.
I have been Blessed to work with the likes of Mr. Russell Spencer CEO of Block Ent.; Mr. Ted Lucas CEO of Slip n Slide Records, as well as write for Akon CEO of Konvict Music. 
I have had very humbled beginnings in which I have learned through experience that you can be told NO 1,000 times but all it takes is for 1 person in the right position to believe in you and say Yes. All I ask is that you press play and take time to truly listen. My music has its own identity and speaks for itself. Get ready to press repeat!