Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sonny The Bad Guy - ( @BK_Finest_95 ) PnB ft K.V.( @KV_royale ) #DVO #DVOSeason @Jewelz93til #Goldiloczpromotions

Friday, May 5, 2017

Tru Story - Streets to the Fame (Itunes/ Google Play) @hood_legends410


Self Made
Hood Legends Records Ceo boss up and 
give the World a classic vision. 
The Album is available on iTunes and Googleplay 
May 5, 2017.


Google Play

Streets to the Fame by Tru Story on iTunes
Preview, buy, and download songs from the album Streets to the Fame, including ”Go Places,” ”Self Made,” ”Ceo,” and many more. Buy the album for $9.99. Songs start at $0.99.

KNEW FELONY ( @knewfelony ) - POCKETFUL OF MONEY @mixking155


Knew Felony, The lead lyrical scientist of the Famed Group, Felony Fellas. Born and raised in the South Bronx, a product of the struggle, Knew Felony is the epitome of the Rags to riches story., Knew Felony was poised to make his mark on the Hip Hop community. Not relying on his inner circle connections, Knew Felony forged his own destiny by creating intoxicating melodic hooks over enchanting beats to create a unique sound of old school hip hop music with a modern flavor. Hitting the local rap circuit with vigor, enthusiasm and high impact energy Knew Felony made alliances with some of hip hops most notable movers and shakers. His smooth style is varied and can be likened to a myriad of artist, most notably; he is a storyteller like Slick Rick, with a swagger like Jay-Z, a lyricist like Biggie and a poet like Tupac. His rap is not only needed but relevant for the tumultuous day of our day. The hood is desperately in need of a savior and through his
music we have found him. He is a consummate workaholic.

After several successful victories in local battles, contests and features in several hip hop periodicals, most notably, Celebrity Report magazine, Knew Felony sought to streamline his business operations by connecting with Derrick Davis who has forged unique business alliances with Executives in the Music Entertainment industry. A meeting of the minds with Derrick Davis produced Felony Fellas. They adopted the name Felony Music because it revealed the nature of degree of pain one feels when he is ostracized from the inner workings of real society. In the dark blackness of the cold undigested womb of the ghettos where crime is the order of the day and death is the product of its survival, felony encapsulates that struggle. Through this felony, our community can see success and second chances. The message is clear, a felony does not have to be the end, but rather the beginning. It is this belief in new beginnings that we chose to use this name as the flagship and brand of our corporate brand.

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

VCASI (Chris Brown) Remix Grass ain't Greener IG @VCASI


#SouthJerzMusic hosted by @FinaleStackUp #Mixtape

We Got Now Mixtapes and Nerve Djs present #SouthJerzMusic mixed and hosted by @FinaleStackUp The mixtape is collection of talented and popular Southern New Jersey artist. If you are, or know an artist from south jersey thatneeds to be on the series hit up @FinaleStackUp on any social media outlet.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Keyon Harrold Ft. Bilal and Big K.R.I.T. - Stay This Way

New Music: Keyon Harrold Ft. Bilal & Big K.R.I.T. - Stay This Way

Trumpeter/Producer Keyon Harrold will be releasing his his debut album later this year. He decides to limk up with Bilal and Big K.R.I.T. for the first single titled “Stay This Way”.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Friday, November 25, 2016




@Alex_Music225 @MIXKING155


Hip Hop & R&B
 Dominate Records
  Place of Birth
Baton Rouge, LA

    Born Alex Dent, known as Alex, is a Rapper/Recording Artist. Alex grew up in The Field AKA Third World known as a high crime, drug infested community. His passion for music was developed as a youth, where he would sing the songs successful Artist. He was first recognized for musical talent by his Music Teacher at Brownfields Magnet Elementary, as Alex Performed in a school program. He was then recommended to attend Glasgow Middle a school for Gifted and Talented, his focus would be music, singing.  However, he did not cooperate with the staff for our decision at the school by only singing two versus Alex did not want to attend a talented school; he wanted to go to school in the Hood. 
He would attend Crestworth Middle School, as he begins to hang in the streets, running the streets with older guys living that life. Street pharmaceuticals were the first opportunity presented to him by older friends to make his own money and would be example fast money. However, he begins to see friends go to prison, or fall victim to the streets, losing some of his closest friends to murder. This was indeed a reality check, determined to stop working in the streets, get a career, work hard and remain focused to invest in his music.  He decided to change his path in life. 
He begin to see how real it is, he started to focus on his solo career as a Rap Artist. 
He works hard to invest in his career as an Artist. Music Entertainment is an ecstatic motivation, and prosperity.   He is expanding his career as an Artist with hopes to reach the world as he's building a foundation. While bringing unity where there is division in music he endeavors to impact Music Industry, to make a difference on the perception of hip-hop music. A vision of making the music people will love, pursuing goals set to distribute music across the country. 
And to get the ball rolling he has available for digital release His Mix tape Album title 6 Months Or Less. Also featured on the cover of a newly released mix tape titled: Who You Look Up To? Just to mention a few of Alex's accomplishments his videos have aired on television, Greg Dukes Videos: Designer as well as Grindin’ Season. Alex had the opportunity to have music played on the radio station WTQT radio station 94.9 of which is now 106.1 FM In Baton Rouge, LA the  song is titled Believer. He's up next, to show the world and the music industry just how hard he's working to make It. No Derivatives:  This Artist is efficient; when you’re referring to his music, as he keeps it real he's in the studios recording his music new music, copywriting materials, purchasing beats in and round the Baton Rouge area.

@DjDes & Shyheim Present B.U. IM. ME 18

@DjDes & Shyheim Present Buimme 17

[New Mixtape] Manormade - Black Friday Twitter @IGNASHOUS @MANORMADEMUSICK #AVIATIONMANAGEMENT #GoldiloczPromotions

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