Friday, August 8, 2014

Papoose Talks Remy Ma's Release (BET)

Papoose is floating on Cloud 9 since Remy Ma was released from prison last week. In an interview with XXL, the 36-year-old Brooklyn rapper gushed about how life has been since his wife ended the six-year bid.

Remy's freedom was originally delayed a day, due to a phone violation. "Yeah, it was a minor setback, some kind of confusion. But it all got clarified the following day and she was able to regain her freedom," he pointed out. "It was just a big confusion over there. You know, Remy’s a celebrity, and sometimes people get overwhelmed with who she is, or the following she has, so they kind of fumbled the ball on the first day. But the second day, they got organized." ... Read More

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