Sunday, June 2, 2013

Tru Story: Streets ro the Fame.... Hood Legends

                     Hood Legends- C.E.O- Artist "Tru Story
Timothy Scott known rap name (Tru Story) has been chasing a dream to become a Millionaire since 2008. He often dreamed about running his own record label to distribute his own albums to become famous. He got together with one of his closes friend and started a Label called Hood Legends Records LLC. Which became an legit company in 2012. Tru Story was brought up with no mother nor father due to Domestic violence. He grew up with his grandmother on the Eastside of Baltimore where proverty was at a major high. As he grew up, he fell into the streets begin hanging with the older guys. They often took care of him when he was a younger guy. That always stuck with him since a kid so his loyalty to his friends is unquestionable. This will be his 3rd solo Mixtape where he is basicly making a transition from the streets to the corp world. As a hustler he always was a good money earner and mange his money well. "Fans love his passion and pain he went thru" Most of his songs be about his real life with a mix of harmonizing which kinda of gives it a smooth feel. He has too many video's on Youtube under (Hlrecords410) channel.Thousands of views to match, plus 2 solo Mixtape and compliations on
            1st Solo Mixtape (Eastside Story...2012
 Fans love this one, which has alot of bangers and real life stories. Both of the mixtape singles have 1,000's of views on youtube. He also has a few features on here.
            2nd Solo Mixtape (All I See Is The Struggle....Nov2012)
 This Mixtape has so many pain songs! For his fans who love to hear real pain stories and sit back and relax. Everyone love this Mixtape, Tru Story express his real life situations and views of life. Alot of people downloaded this Mixtape on, after just hearing the first song.

Youtube/Hlrecords410   (Contact Mack 410-558-7748)                   


  1. Nothing but Success & prosperity..The streets will teach you things that no text book could phantom, hurt & pain brings growth I'm so proud of you fam & I know the Millions are only in arms length!
    Love: Cousin Star

  2. I remember in 2008 when niggas was in d.c. In the studio an he said imma sell 1$ cds an watch niggas follow dey did that the he one of the realist niggas walking the earth my nigga my brother from another mother trustorey im proude of him cause the hood legends would nt be if it was nt for him i always told him he reminds me of camron u dnt often get to many people who wanna see other niggas shine love u bro h.l. 4 eva the future