Friday, March 1, 2013


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Hood Legends was started in the summer of 2008 between Tru Story and 2Lil) aka Timothy, Eugene who later found a new member Sv aka Shelvie, Yung Tege aka Antwon. They use to write and record all day down Tru Story basement on Curley st Over East Baltimore. Tru Story had a few homeboys from the streets (G-code, G.L, Stacks, Vas) who became apart of the group later that year. Ike 900 came around often then he started to rap with the group along with his older brother Chuck aka Charles. They all agreed to become apart of the Hood Legends Reords Llc. Who also suggested that everyone should start their own company under Hood Legends Records Llc. Vas started Lo'Boyz. G-code started RRR records. Now they are looking for a major marketing and distribution company to do a venture with Hood Legends Records Llc.

Tru Story Ceo (Hood Legends Records Llc)- Came up hard no mother no father, he grew up in the streets. Coming from being the poor lil dirty child to become a great street huster. He was very good with money, he also always had a dream of becoming a rapper like Jay-z and making it out the ghetto. He started to rap around 10 then stop for years, after hearing a yunger guy around the way freetstyling but was lying in his raps, Tru story decide to start writing music again over a 7 8 yr time period . He found the name Tru Story promising he would only write true things happening in his life. Who later learn how to produce movies, videos, music and do art work for the music business. He also study the muic business and started the record label Hodd Legends Records Llc.

2lil C.O.O-- of (Hood Legends Records Llc) He came up in a tuff home with no mother and a drug addicted father, who later met Tru Story in the streets hustling. They both became real close after Tru Story best friend got lock up. 2Lil was always willing to ride wit Tru no matter what, so when Tru Story told him he was about to follow this music dream he said ok and played his part still to this day.

S.V C.O.O of (Hood Legends Records Llc). Sv grew up hard with no father figure and a drug addicted mother who loved them to do death no matter what it was she gave it to them. He was Tru Story childhood friend since he was like 8. His brother is Tru Story best friend they always stuck together. Sv use to rap all day wit Tru Story earlier in life then they left each other when Tru Story fell to the streets. They met back years later when he was walking pass and Tru Story ask him can he become apart of their rap group. He Said yea and was down every since.

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