Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Fund Raiser - Cerebral Palsy - Lets Help Evette!!!


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ;

My name is Evette Elliott. I live in the City of Waynesboro. I have Cerebral Palsy I use a power chair which is my only means of transportation. I am seeking your help in a fund raiser to raise the money for an accessible wheelchair van. In the winter months I don’t get out much. A van would help me take care of my daily responsibilities, go to church and seek employment. When the weather keeps me from getting out in my chair, this would be a true blessing. So I would appreciate anything you can do to help me in this Endeavour. Thank you so much, may God bless you greatly.


Evette Elliott

All donations may be sent to Faith Point Christian Center 1900 Park Rd. Waynesboro VA 22980 c/o Evette’s van fund

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