Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Looking for Hot Beats!!! Check out MizzyBeatz out of Philly @Mizzybeatz www.Mizzybeatz.com

Mark "MizzyBeatz" Cooper was born into hip hop in the city of brotherly love. The son of local notable DJ & Emcee "Coop City". Instantly Coop City introduced his young son to music, from there they both enjoyed hip hop together.

By the age of 9 Mizzy was producing tracks on his dad's Roland XP-50. When Mizzy was 16 he & his father ran a succesful home studio "Black Mass Productions" in the heart of Philly.

Since that point Mizzy has been off and running, working with countless artist from the USA to the UK & beyond. With alot of traffic driving through www.Mizzybeatz.com his music is reaching endless ears, even though Mizzy doesn't spend much time behind the M-I-C these days he def knows how to bring the Beatz.

MizzyBeatz ear for the music and dedication to production comes through crisp and clear with every note on every track.


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