Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pusha T Supports President Obama []

''I Feel Like the Election's Gonna Be Great''
6:00AM ET October 25th, 2012
Contributor : Chris G. 
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As the 2012 presidential election season nears its end, more hip hop stars are becoming more vocal about their political affiliations. G.O.O.D. Music rapper Pusha T, in a recent interview, explained why he feels Barack Obama will, and should, be re-elected.

For Pusha T, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney just hasn't beentransparent enough.

"I feel like the election’s gonna be great. I feel like Obama is definitely the man and the man we should be putting in office again," he said. "I feel like the fact that Romney is even being considered with all of his evasiveness and his tax past and his background and his history and family stuff. I think it says a lot, like why are we even considering this man? I think it’s a testament to how classy Obama has been. He could really dig into all of Romney’s policies but he hasn’t. I think Obama has been very tasteful, when others would not have been at all."

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