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Gully Davis "Brooklyn Hip Hop Poet" Posted by @shanequagarcia @GullyDavis

Gully Davis, a poetic Ghost Writer out of Brooklyn,NY..Gully has worked with countless artists and also along side Bad Boy Entertainment. Throughout his career of writing, Gully has decided he wants his lyrical skills to be heard behind the Mic. Check him out, he has brought the real definition of Hip Hop back..

.Tell the world about yourself,who you are,where you're from,what influenced you?

Yeah whats going on world this Gully Davis reppin the home of brooklyn east new york,i would have have to say my brother comedian Rasheed Thurmond influenced me alot,his drive,hard work and determination to change the game,made me really want to chase this dream and make it a reality,not alot of people where im from make it out of the hood.true talk.

Q.How did you get the name 'Gully"?

I got the name from the older dudes in the street ,when growing up I stayed in fresh sneakers and clothes,if it was hot as a youngin in my era I had it,I could saay before new era was big in the hood I was already doing it,until a dude I know said "You're always gully everytime I see you" and since then the name stuck

Q.What was the first track that you ever recorded?And when was it recorded?

I recorded when I was young, around 11 years old, but at that time I wasn't taking it serious,but my first official track had to be doing my job with my team blockhuggaz and from there it was a wrap,I believe that was like 03- 04

Q.The track 'Brothers Keeper",tell the readers what influenced you to write that track.

Growing up me and my older brother was very close he treated me more like a son than a little brother,so when he started doing comedy, I think his first on tv show was B.E.T. comic view.I saw how the people reacted to him being on screen, I said I wanted that,so through the years we used to motivate eachother,like who's gonna make it to the top first,then he passed away in 2007,and it was alot. I wanted to tell him, but by then it was too late,so step by step in that song I explain what happen down to the last time i partied with him,that song is deep has alot of meaning and all facts of that day.

Q. Do you have an upcoming mixtape/EP in the works?

Right now I'm working on my mixtape "Stakes Are High",and still working with alot of DJ's from Italy,France,Germany,and the U.S. and I'm gonna try and reach out to Japan one more time

Q. What are your goals and plans as a Hip Hop artist?

My goal is to take it to the top,I'm tryna bring a platinum plaque back to East New York,I'm gonna change the game

Q. Besides recording great Hip Hop tracks, is there anything else in the industry that you are working on?

Besides recording, I like to ghostwrite.. To me i'ts fun because I get that oppurtunity to be someone else for a day and really get a chance to do something different

Q. Any shoutouts that you would like to send?Also tell the people how they can follow your music(links),book you for events,etc..

First I would like to give a Rest In Peace shoutout to my brother, comedian Rasheed Thurmond,Hpnotic 718 my producer,Platinum Plaque,grammy nominated songwriter Asiah Lewis,my Block Huggaz family,New Yitty,enough respect for Relly(B.E.T. 106 & park "Freestyle Friday" champ),Dj Prince 730 Dipset,DJ Kingflow,DJ Plk,Mixtape Bully,DJ Piombo and every other Rapper/DJ doing their thing in East New York or anywhere else in Brooklyn or the world....Holla at me on Twitter @gullydavis,Facebook/gullydavis or FB fanpage GullyDavisBK, Reverbnation, Soundcloud,and management, or just google me lol

Interview written and conducted by:Shanequa Morrow-Garcia/(Management)

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