Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bourne Fiore Review on Illa Ghee & Dom Dirtee Album @ILLAGHEE2K @Domdirtee

There are some individuals you just want to listen to.  We don't want to hear em because they are the hardest or because they are the most commercial appealing.  We want to hear them, because we know when its time to put our middle fingers up in the air, they are there to give us that push.  Now even if we all cant just go and punch our nine to five boss in the face; its comforting knowing longtime Mobb Deep affiliate Illa Ghee (& in my opinion the best grunge producer since Alchemist), along with Dom Dirtee have arrived to help reset the tone.
 The new Album Angel-Dust & Waffles is that gutsy risk taking operatic chest pounding sound; most of us are guilty of doing as kids.  Although this project lacks any motivation for our inner childish angst to reappear, it does however shed light once again into the former Mobb Deep affiliate's ability to resurrect that good old fashion head nod.
    Today's jungle has evolved from the hardships we are forced to deal with daily. Dom Dirtee & Illa Ghee remind us of this with  "Take That Money""Man down you get too close you get shot, those scared or not moving correct will get knocked, I dont care who you are, you're nothing to my glock". I don't care who you are you're nothing Expressive lyricism originating from actions that struggles can evoke in a person, alongside danger, lurking melodic piano keys over a perfectly executed boom baap bass drum pattern. This is exactly if you are looking to just knock your head making a sour face.  People, don't act like you don't know that look.  Honestly you remember it like you just took a walk with a few of your peoples, stopped to cop a dutch, some Teenies (aka) Hugs drinks & a two handfuls of sour patch hard candies along with whatever other 10 cent candies were available at you local bodega spot.   
  Second helping of food for thought is "Never Had Easy".  Anyone that's done prison time, grew up without any role models or supporting mentor-ship, or who has been afflicted by drug addiction, will be able to relate to this song. Dom Dirtee takes us for a journey balancing his entrancing sound by a hook of what listeners may interpret as Illa really showcasing his humanity. Painfully and calmer the his usual self Illa's voice delivers "You don't never wanna be me Sh!t I don't really wanna be me, I aint never had it easy, all I want to do is feed me" Truthfully their is nothing commercial about this album, but if you are like me and love & appreciate music with essence & realism this album has just that. My opinion the is no marked missed or challenged its just a hard hitting EP/Album that brings a particular nostalgia. 
Sadly, you will most likely not hear any of this particular projects offerings on the predominant mainstream radio circuit, but dont fret you can download it for very little money & when you get the chance after you check the Video Takin Over which is also another dope cut off of Angel Dust & Waffles, go holla on twitter at Illa & Dom they are both humble cats. 1st here is that new video.

Enjoy, (aka) Honesty

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