Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A-Mafia ( @MAFIATHEBOSS ) "Ted Dibase" Music Video - Written by: ~ @Bourne_Fiore

Ted Dibase
Directed WillC@StreetHeatTV.com
Production @GottiGator

 While former Dip Set member is firmly dedicated to showcasing his concrete street affiliation, with the "Deep In The Game" movement. One can be educated past assumption that their is nothing playful about it.  A-Mafia brings what I believe as, designed to hit with a new turn. Charged with the protection/security of what true harlemites have grown to appreciate.  Raw truth with simplistic arrogant honesty is delivered from A-Mafia's mixtape, What The Streets Made Me.  140th & Amsterdam leader tells the little-known story of todays organized crime in Harlem through in-depth of his actual life doings.  "Get slit wit a knife I'm vicious & trife, most of yall rap about it but see me.... this is my life!
  Now as of current on TED DIBIASE A-Mafia's hellish sound has been assisted  by the craftsman of beats & MC as well Deep in The Game representative & a Springfield Massachusetts leader @GOTTIGATOR  Although they are mainstream appealing with "getting money" ballads you can rest assure that the funkyness is not sweet & its that its always going to be kept that way with A-Mafia & Gotti behind the speaker bump.
  WillC of Street Heat TV, doesn't fail to provide us with how A-Mafia's character is accounted to making his money.  Although the director doesn't use many special effects his transitions from A being on a roof top next to the satellite dish, to A walking to the set location where another character is on the phone was transitioned superbly.  The directing & editing provides support that you don't need a million efx to keep an audience engaged in watching music videos.
Sticking to street code ethics, the not so flashy Deep In The Game is on pace to be a testament of which Hardcore, Hip Hop, Rap, music as well as its starving fans are in dire need of.

*Yo I have personal unrelated question to the world; do you think that A-Mafia & AR-AB should start up a group?  My imagination may precede some however you might want to do your homework on all the names I'll be mentioning.

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