Friday, June 29, 2012

@usualsuspecktz Ball How I Ball Video Review by @BOURNE_FIORE

Artists:Artists: Usual Suspecktz 
Song: Ball How I Ball
Production: J. Cardim
Visual: Sev-One

   I’m about to let you guys in on a secret that not too many people in the rest of the country know about yet, do not over look this group.  They are a group that has shown uncanny ability of continuous released mix-tape material.  Independently exhibiting a knack for making radio friendly singles; also working with some of  hip-hop’s strongest commercial breaching talents.  
 Starting with front man of this particular video Shivva.  His tall grizzly "Bruins" looking demeanor provides dangerous truth aligned by a comfy cohesive sound.  Attention is commanded as a creatable lead on this record with lyrics like "The games has been diseased & is in need of proper dosage, luckily I brought the vaccine to clean up you cockroaches"
  Second in flight is Medicine Man. Undoubtedly rugged in A-typical street appearance is a rawness which can even surpass the vividness of a women losing her virginity. Listeners will find them selves enthralled from the deviled wisdom of this scratchy voice. Some may even perceive it as their own painful reality from life in the streets. Medicine Man puts life in lyrical format, without a nursing assistance. "Make a killing in the street, we bout ready to cut checks, corporate offices i'm flying in leer jets. n!g@a im a mother f)ckn hustler like Larry Flynt"

  As if the two slaughterers wasn't enough. Out from the cut slides in the clean up man. Allow the truth to seep in here folks because, we aren't talking about a janitor with a mop & vacuum. Think of Bobby O on this record as Hand to gun, gun to a bullet, the three of these men just make it that serious;  "I hit em with the best but never give out the recipe there's hatters everyday so what f)ck is an enemy?" Now just as pressure is from a bullet out of a barrel, that shot is proven deadly.
  Such substance with originality forms a talented group. Making records that everyone can knock their heads to. They are not too vulgar & yet, are able to not be in that goofy lopping poppy world either. Realism is refreshing & fortunately for them commercial radio is inevitable, especially when super producer (J.Cardim) is orchestrating rhythms & beats.

  Changing subjects,  Sev One has been pumping out work regularly. Transitions are clean with well organized framework.  A vision blurr with the zoom in & out fx  cant ever go wrong with. Sadly though they can go pretty much unnoticed. The all white fx steals the show. The crisp bright light is brilliantly sculpted out the electrolyzing theme of Ball How I Ball, is projected to viewers. Watching the artists just dancing around and having fun is entertaining but watching Bobby O half disappear is sick. Also what stands out out visually is how the all white screen efx contrast with the boxer, the cameo by talented & attractive (Erica Singer) & also the dogs provided which by (Dark Dynasty K 9's)

This is just a dope way to say hello to the world of generating new fans, unless of course you are people like me; who are already in the know. Until then, "hustles" going out to all those who read & comply with truth.
  @Bourne_Fiore (Honesty)

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