Thursday, June 14, 2012

@Bourne_Fiore (Honesty) Review MasspikeMiles & Torch Shattered Picture

Artist  Masspike Miles 
Featuring Torch  "Tripple C's"
Directed by Frank Canon
Produced by

 Despite Masspike Miles driving into the industry with a partial name that some might recognize from swerving in & out of traffic while reading a bumper sticker usually being a New England sports team. There is nothing off road about his music. He's been slowly creating ripples throughout the underbelly of every pothole puddle filled street for quite some time now. Currently with this newest testament of his abilities. We are brought on a journey from his smooth sultry blend of R&NB influence & cunning wisdom of relationships that are forever changing. Conjuring up a precursive sound with Shattered Picture, Masspike Miles is backed by Maybach Music Group member Torch. This is where the streets bring that grimy truth. "Trust issues is an understatement people that envy always be the main ones hating", need I have to say more?
  Scenes from the streets are not the only way Frank Cannon is able to captivate the viewers into this raw yet sad song. From the moment that we see Star Masspike on the ground to the scene where Torch is sitting in the dark rapping & watching Masspike & Model argue. Such a song was meant to persuade the listener to sit back & think. Frank displays excellent camera work yes but the hidden execution was by the beat production from @soundsmithbeats The hard hitting drums, violin, followed up with some piano keys definitely sets a bittersweet tone. 
  In conclusion, this is a must press the play button joint, via cd player, boombox, computer, I-pod, cell phone, honestly i would make it a ring tone assigned to an ex fling even, bottom line enjoy people I know I am.!/BOURNE_FIORE

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