Sunday, July 3, 2011

D/L NEW Asher Roth Summertime (Ft. QUAN) (Prod. by Nottz)


Asher Roth Summertime (Ft. Quan)

At a time when Hip-Hop is in a downward spiral, riddled with meaningless content, trendy clichés and embellished tales of alleged hood ties, emerges Hip-Hop's newly anointed prodigy, DON FERQUAN. Previously donned “rap's future” by Nas, DON FERQUAN, better known as QUAN, is a self-taught rapper, singer, and producer. Born in Bridgeport, CT, and bred in Newport "Bad News", VA., QUAN delivers the consistent message of a reformed hustler who saw his share of death, court cases, and prison time before adulthood.

QUAN turned his illegitimate hustler lifestyle into street-related drama and brushes with death before turning to the rap game. Most known for features on two songs off Nas' double LP, "Street's Disciple" (“Just A Moment” & “Suicide Bounce”), QUAN blazed both the first and third verses, and sings the hook of his original song "Just A Moment". “Just A Moment” was chosen as the first single and blew up billboard charts with a bullet and received major rotation on major urban radio stations around the world. "Just A Moment" was considered to be one of the most important and poignant songs of 2004 & helped push Nas’ “Street’s Disciple” to platinum status. QUAN accepted an invitation to tour with Nas on the "Street's Disciple Tour" in Europe, which was also highly praised by critics around the world.

With hundreds of songs written, QUAN brings much needed lyrical freshness, blended with solid crooning and hardcore street poetry style that the game has been missing since the death of Hip-Hop martyr Tupac. Like an urban poet laureate, QUAN drops verses in the wake of sublime mic sermon, blasting his way through bars of true gangsta prose. He's worked with the most talented people in the industry and has proven himself to be a stand-up artist. With features in XXL, The Source, Fader Magazine,, BET's 106 & Park, and MTV's My Block-Virginia, QUAN's buzz is alive in the streets and the press. QUAN’s latest mixtape/DVD, "MOST ANTICIPATED" has already received rave reviews from, as well as  With over 2,000,000 views as well as 2,000,000 plays on QUAN’s Myspace page (, fans are eagerly waiting for his debut album “Walking Testimony,” and it's clear that QUAN will be the next artist to carry the torch to a new era of true Hip-Hop music.

With song placement on the final season of HBO’s hit show, The Wire, and countless rave reviews for his latest mixtape/DVD entitled, “Most Anticipated”, QUAN is a producing, singing, and rapping force to be reckoned with. Using God, family, a strong musical background and poetry as his guiding lights, this multi-talent is turning decades of strife into a positive emcee life. QUAN's  debut album "Walking Testimony" on Amalgam Digital with the all-inspiring lead single “I’m Good (Even When I’m Not)” delivers a mixture of hardcore street tales, repentance,  and smooth heartfelt harmonies. QUAN mimics those all too familiar Motown classics we listened to growing up. True Hip-Hop heads will declare "Walking Testimony" one of the best gems to drop in a long time.  With an all star production team solidified, you can count on "Walking Testimony" to be a classic, and QUAN will take his place in the court of Hip-Hop royalty.

“I definitely think he’s gonna make some noise…once you hear him singing, you say, ‘Dag, how much talent does this guy really have?’  It’s crazy.” – Nas  XXL Magazine

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