Thursday, October 7, 2010

Back 2 Business | Diplomats & DJ Chaplin (Hosted by Freekey Zekey)

Back 2 Business | Diplomats & DJ Chaplin
(Hosted by Freekey Zekey)
Straight from the horse's mouth...
one of Dipset's founding members
(and their President since Day One)
and the president/CEO of Dipset branch 730 Dips,
Freekey Zekey is letting the streets know...
Hosted by Dipset President Freekey Zekey,
this DJ Chaplin mix CD
features nearly two dozen new tracks,
exclusives and cameos from
Harlem's hometown crew
• 1.Intro-Freekey Zekey
• 2.Gotta Body-Freekey Zekey Feat Jim Jones
• 3.Toast-Cam'ron Feat Jim Jones,SenCity
• 4.Spread My Wings-Cam'ron Feat Vado
• 5.Right Up-Jim Jones Feat SenCity,Sandman
• 6.Ain't A Thing To Me-Vado
• 7.Karate Kid-Hellrell Feat Jr Writer
• 8.Im Bout What You Bout-Freekey Zekey Feat Deniro
• 9.We Got That-Jim Jones Feat Chubby Baby
• 10.I Ain't Playin-Cam'ron Ft Jim Jones
• 11.Standing Ovation-Hellrell
• 12.So Crazy-Fred The Godson Feat Waka Flocka Cam'ron
• 13.Woofa-Freekey Zekey Feat SenCity,Mel Matrix
• 14.Some 4 Ur Face-40 Cal Feat Cam'ron
• 15.More Than A Hustler-Jim Jones Feat SenCity
• 16.East To West-Freekey Zekey Feat Eddie P
• 17.Freekey Zekey Speaks On Reunion
• 18.Salute-The Diplomats Feat Vado
• 19.Im Just Chillin-Ocoop Feat Jim Jones Wacka Flocka
• 20.Freestyle-Mel Matrix
• 21.My City Never Sleeps-Juelz Santana
• 22.Harlem-Freekey Zekey Feat Cam'ron,SenCity Vado
• 23.Outro-Freekey Zekey

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